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Glen Helen Events: First Timer Info!

Glen Helen is the motocross park located near the city of Devore. Events are ran on the south side parking lot of the facility. The terrain is very diverse containing light dirt, heavy dirt, some gravel, some rocks and some sand. The consistency of the dirt doesn’t change much once broken in and ruts are usually minimal.

2018 Glen Helen Practice #2

April 14 @ 7:00 am - 4:30 pm

2018 Glen Helen Championship #2

April 15 @ 7:00 am - 4:30 pm

2018 Glen Helen Championship #3

September 8 @ 7:00 am - 4:30 pm

2018 Glen Helen Championship #4

September 9 @ 7:00 am - 4:30 pm

2018 Glen Helen Practice #3

November 17 @ 7:00 am - 3:30 pm


The Glen Helen RallyX series is a Grass Roots, Work/Run, SCCA event.

“Grass Roots” means it is designed to be very low cost and easy to qualify for. Every measure practical is taken to keep the entry fees as low as possible. Speeds are kept at a level such that everyday street cars can be used without additional (expensive) safety equipment. Prize budgets are kept low and encouragement is given to drivers of all skill levels to participate.

“Work/Run” means that every entrant is required to “work” a shift. A work shift will usually entail manning the course to reset pylons, working a radio to call in penalties or safety issues, or working some other organizational part of the event. A required work shift for all drivers keeps the costs low and instills event quality pride in the drivers themselves.

“SCCA event” means the event is insured and sanctioned by the national body called Sports Car Club of America. The liability insurance provided is required by all venue owners and most promoter organizations. The standardized set of safety regulations is also very helpful in putting on a quality, safe event.


Quite simply, be prepared. First and foremost arrive with enough time to get yourself completely ready. This usually means 1hr+ before your work/run group.

Know you class, desired numbers and have $$ ready before going to registration

Registration is a busy time and a notorious bottle neck. If you are pre-reged and pre-paid it takes all of 15seconds to check you in. If you’re a day of, prepared with your $$, class and number request it takes about 1 minute. If you’re not sure of your class and didn’t think about a number it can take 10minutes while everyone behind you gets impatient. Please do your homework in the days before the event and come PREPARED. I would much rather spend 30minutes on the phone with you figuring out a class than 5minutes at registration while the event start time ticks closer and closer.

Have your car tech-ready before going to tech.

Everything loose needs to be gone and car needs to be in ready to run condition. Including race wheels, car numbers in place and helmet. You should pre-check your car for all the common fail items like loose battery and missing lug nuts. Bring proper numbers! Tape sucks, especially at speed covered in mud. There are plenty of inexpensive options that are highly visible and look great on your vehicle.

Have your car completely ready to go before getting called to grid.

Pay attention to the schedule of the event. Do not leave your car on your trailer while you work if you know you’ll need to immediately drive at the end of shift. Don’t leave your car unprepared for racing until the last minute. Don’t go wondering off to eat lunch if your group is coming up. Being late to grid will result in lost runs.

Have your body completely ready to go before being called to work.

This is VERY important. Be prepared to check in for work at your shift, the event can not proceed if we don’t get workers checked in and on duty. If you are driving immediately before your work shift, don’t disappear to put you car on a trailer, or grab some lunch, or chat with your buddies. Park the car, grab a water bottle and check in.

General Order of things:

  • Calendaring, Approx November the season before.

  • Pre-registration Approx 2 months before the event

  • Pre-reg close Tuesday before the event

  • Set up – Friday afternoon

  • Practice Saturday – Gates open at 7am

  • Practice Tech/Reg – All Day, sign up for work

  • Practice Runs – 9am until we get tired

  • Course Change over – Saturday night

  • Sunday Check in/Reg – Saturday late morning, Sun 7:30-8:30, Sun Lunch.

  • Champ runs – 9am until we finish

  • Awards – At lunch and after event

  • Clean up – After event.

Don’t Do’s !!!:

Don’t arrive late or unprepared.
This was well covered above, but unprepared drivers/workers is by far the biggest event delay. Event delays means less runs, more work and higher costs.

Don’t be a Paddock speeder
The paddock is by far the most dangerous area at the venue. There are children, dogs, other cars and motorcycles everywhere. Keep your speed down. Zipping around the paddock or the access roads at more than a walking pace will not be tolerated and can lead to disqualification or removal from site.

Access Road hooning
Please be respectful when coming to and going from the venue. Note our venue is bordered on two sides by the county sheriff. Our cars are very conspicuous so it’s not hard to tell where we are coming from, even 50 miles from the venue. If even a few drivers behave inappropriately it will compromise our future venue prospects.

Roaming the facility
We do not have access rights to the entire Glen Helen facility. The venue generally does not charge us a gate fee because it is understood that we will not wonder the other paid sites. This includes the MotorCross tracks, the RC track and the Trophy Truck track, whether they’re in use or not. Gross violations of this will lead to disqualification and/or suspensions.

As per our sanction agreement alcohol is not allowed at our facility during the event. This prohibition is in effect from gates open until the final work group is cleared from duty. Specifically even if individual drivers have completed their day, alcohol is not allowed until the event is complete.

On course shenanigans
Please be respectful of your fellow competitors. Excess driving aggression leads to accelerated deterioration of the course, unnecessary pylon counts and dangerous conditions for both the drivers and course workers. The premise of the event it to complete the course in minimal time while avoiding penalties. If drives are not meeting this premise they will be told to stop.

Over night annoyance
Please be respectful of your camping neighbors, which include fellow RallyXers, MotorCross drivers and the venue management. Excess noise, unnecessary fires or late night indiscretions will not be tolerated. Poor overnight behavior can lead to us losing our overnight privileges or even the venue entirely.

Just don’t be dumb.
Not everything can be anticipated and listed. So please use GOOD judgment before engaging in ANY questionable behavior. Poor judgment is usually at the root of all safety incidents and personal conflicts. We’re all out here to have fun, respect the concept that YOUR fun should not in any way take away from others’.

Other Questions? Feel free to call or email the event chair: